Ingman Ice Cream
Joint Limited Liability Company " Ingman Ice Cream " was established in April 2009 with the participation of the Finnish company " Ingman Ice Cream Oy Ab " and Open Joint Stock Company "Rumyantsev ." The company is based on the existing capacities of Gomel ice cream factory , which will be expanded.

Ingman Ice Cream Oy Ab - a Finnish company specializing in the production of ice cream and related products belonging to the Group Ingman . In accordance with the chosen development strategy, " Ingman Ice Cream " has become a leading manufacturer of ice cream in Finland and the Baltic states. In the production of ice cream for the dietary Ingman holds a leading position in Europe.

The purpose of the JV " Ingman Ice Cream " is the production of safe , high-quality and competitive products that meet legal requirements and consumer demand , which allows to achieve a leading position among the manufacturers of ice cream in the Republic of Belarus.
JV " Ingman Ice Cream" certified as meeting the quality and safety of food products based on hazard analysis and critical control points ( HACCP) . In addition , currently the company carries out modernization, which will update and expand the product range. To date, the company offers its customers a wide and constantly renewed range of products , focused on a variety of tastes and preferences.